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دریافت انیمیشن Blood - The Last Vampire

Blood - The Last Vampire



Title: Blood - The Last Vampire
Year: August 28, 2001
Uploaded to: Rapidshare.com
Directed by: Hiroyuki Kitakubo
Genre: Animation / Action / Fantasy
Runtime: 83 minutes
Language: English

Plot Summary:
The story is set in the American Yokota Air Base located in post-WWII Japan, a few months before the beginning of the Vietnam War. Its main protagonist is a girl named Saya, who hunts vampiric demons (referred to as Chiroptera) using a katana; she works for the United States government. The title of the film implies that she is the last remaining vampire, and in the movie, Saya is referred to as _the only remaining original_ (possibly referring to what are sometimes known as _shinso vampires_ in Japanese fiction). Her disdain for humans is evident early in the film. Saya has no weakness to sunlight, although whether she has any of the other vulnerabilities commonly associated with vampires is virtually unknown, she does become distressed when she encounters religious paraphernalia, including the uttering of Jesus early in the film, and the school nurse praying with her crucifix. Saya displays superhuman senses and strength, as well as cunning, resourcefulness, and skill. Saya's voice actress in the movie was Youki Kudoh.

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